One of the primary goals of the project is to seek collaborative feedback from end-users actively involved with some aspect of oyster restoration or related coastal habitat restoration.  The project team distributed an electronic survey in December 2011, and made changes to our project design and sites based on this feedback. Ongoing feedback from key end users will help us shape both the focus areas of the new science that will be generated and the tools that will be produced at the end. 

This project builds upon native oyster recommendations in the San Francisco Bay Subtidal Goals Report  and is one of the first studies to look at climate change stressors on native oysters in these two estuaries.  We welcome your feedback and involvement- please contact Collaboration Lead Marilyn Latta for more information (, 510-286-4157).

Now that final data and documents are available, we are working to ensure that regional resource agency staff, scientists, and others use the information in their research, project planning, and permitting. Please contact us if you would like to schedule a presentaiton or discuss the use of the data as it relates to your specific project considerations and planning for native oyster protection and restoration in your area.

Intended users of project results

Bud Abbott, ENVIRON International Corp. (retired)

Bob Batha, Bay Conservation & Development Commission

Mike Beck, The Nature Conservancy

Kathy Boyer, San Francisco State University

Natalie Cosentino-Manning, NOAA Restoration Center

Linda Hunter, formerly at The Watershed Project

Besty Peabody, Puget Sound Restoration Fund

Korie Schaeffer, NOAA Fisheries

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